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Learning Spanish from a Travel Guide: Tricks in Saying Good Afternoon

If you love traveling, you must have thought of going to Europe and America. Hence, it is important to learn Spanish. You must visit a travel guide online to teach you the tricks on how to learn Spanish. If you heard of Leisurely Lifestyle, you better visit their official website online to know the relevant travel tips and featured places. Initially, you need to learn Spanish. There is no easy way but to get tips from a reliable travel guide online such as Leisurely Lifestyle.

As you browse further, you will find out how the travel guide highlights the values of courtesy and respect. You must have been to different countries but going to Spain and South American countries may be different. You need to greet the people there whenever you meet them. It is a way of recognizing the good in every person. Since you settle at your chosen hub at night, you might even desire to meet some local folks and dine with them for a while. You must know how to say good afternoon. If they say buenos dias to mean good morning, you better say buenas tardes if you want to greet anyone during the early afternoon.

What is interesting when you say buenas tardes is that the greeting itself is not only said during early afternoon. It can even be used when greeting someone from noon to late evening. Many Spanish speaking nations do not look at evenings. Hence, they consider noontime and evening as just the same. If you translate buenas tardes in English, it will mean good lates. It will also give you an idea of the time from 2 pm down to 9 pm. Spanish-speaking people will surely greet you the same if you say that phrase at the right time.

You will surely love to interact with people well. Thus, the travel guide provides some phrases from which you can apply the phrase buenas tardes. Imagine speaking with a stranger or a prominent personality in that country. Imagine also speaking to a large crowd. Aside from the phrase, buenas tardes, you need to add other words that will make the conversation more meaningful and interesting. Leisurely Lifestyle also provides other Spanish words which will help you translate common expressions such as ‘Have a good day’, ‘Hello’, ‘My Love’, ‘Thank You’, ‘You’re Welcome’, ‘I’m Sorry’, ‘Very Good’, and ‘Okay’.

You will also learn the translations for ‘What are you doing’, ‘Come here’, ‘How are you doing’, ‘What’s up’, ‘Have a great day’, ‘Have a nice day’, and ‘Have a good day’. If you want to learn more words, you better visit the site and see what else you can get. Besides, you will also have a pleasant experience noting some good activities you can try on your next vacation. You will also have updates about beaches, camping, dining out, flights, golf courses, hiking, hotels, recreation, and ski resorts. If you are interested in traveling and forming bond with the local folks, just take your time to learn basic Spanish.

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