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On The Spot Masonry Repair
Whether your masonry needs repairing or restoring, On The Spot can help you with all your masonry needs. From walkways, steps, driveways, foundations, and retaining walls, to chimneys and chimney caps, they handle all types of jobs. They can handle the most basic repairs or large, complex ones. From simple repairs to large-scale projects, they have the expertise and experience to tackle any masonry task.

The best way to prevent further damage from occurring is to repair your damaged brickwork as soon as possible. If you notice cracks in old mortar, stonework, or brick work, it is important to seek professional assistance. Repairs can also include repairing water masonry and caulking different masonry surfaces. When done properly, masonry repair can restore historic surfaces. Chimney repairs are often needed for buildings that are over a century old. Cracked foundations can cause dangerous ventilation problems. A professional masonry repair company can restore your chimney to its original state.

Some masonry repair companies require full payment before starting work. This is not ideal. Masonry contractors should offer free estimates. However, if they ask for payment up front, this is a red flag. You should avoid any masonry repair company that asks for full payment before starting work. This is a common practice for contractors, but it’s worth noting that most masonry repair companies charge a minimum fee for estimates. It accounts for their travel time, materials, and other expenses. This way, they don’t lose money on small jobs.

For those who are handy with tools, masonry repair is usually an easy DIY project. With a little bit of expertise, you can restore damaged masonry to its original beauty. You can do it yourself or call a professional masonry repair company for assistance. Depending on the type of masonry repair needed, the process can be simple or complex. When you hire a professional company, you’ll get a high-quality job.

The most common problem with bricks and mortar is caused by lightning, though most brick damage occurs due to weather and use. Bricks and mortar may last 100 years or more, depending on the climate. But whether you choose a hard-fired brick or an antique brick, it’s important to remember that durability depends on your climate and the type of brick you use. Antique bricks tend to absorb more moisture and can last only 50 years. Regardless of the type of brick or mortar repair needed, most masonry repair is performed around the chimney area.

To repair your bricks, you must first prepare the area for tuckpointing. This involves removing crumbling mortar by using an angled grinder or hammer drill. Once you’ve purged the joints, you should wet the bricks thoroughly. Otherwise, the dry material will suck up the newly applied mortar, preventing it from properly curing. Ideally, you should wear safety glasses and gloves when repairing masonry.

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